Why, hello there – welcome to my virtual home!

So, you’re here because you’d like to know a little about me, or you somehow ended up here through one wrong click on the interwebz. That’s cool. Nice to meet you.

I’m a PhD Candidate (ABD), Instructor and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at Ryerson University, and a Research Associate at the Media Innovation Research Lab. I’m the current President of the Independent Web Creators of Canada (IWCC), and Executive Producer and Co-founder of King Squared Media Company.

Everything I do comes from an intense desire to strengthen the Canadian cultural industry, particularly, the screen industry to make sure it’s equitable, inclusive, competitive, innovative and sustainable. This is the thread that connects all of my various affiliations, associations and roles. It informs my production work, my research, my approach to teaching, and the advocacy and policy work I do.

My PhD research critically investigates the opportunities and challenges of online distribution for Canadian creators active in the production of digital-first, scripted series and makes strategic recommendations geared at empowering all Canadian creators (regardless of their identity) to succeed in the digital realm. It delves into some pretty uncomfortable truths regarding negative externalities that have emerged over decades of policymaking. It also presents a counter-argument to the myth that all you need to succeed in today’s 21st century media environment is a smartphone and an internet connection. My PhD work also crucially looks at the status of gender and diversity in the  key roles of director, writer, producer and cinematographer in 175 Canadian-made web series (Hint: the numbers aren’t good).

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked in factual entertainment (reality TV) on productions for major Canadian broadcasters in a variety of roles. Today, my production work combines everything I’ve learned and reflected on over the last few years throughout my PhD. Along with my three partners, our company strives to push boundaries and break barriers, and showcase Canada in a way it’s never been seen before. Stay tuned!

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